Live Food Bar

Live Food Bar

Looking back on the last few blog posts, I realized I was in need of something a little healthier! While I do love a cupcakes and cookies, I crave some organic plant-based goodness too! In search for a gluten free, vegan and organic lunch, I decided to head over to Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont Street. On this particular autumn day, I felt like starting off with a soup. Cream of mushroom was the daily offering and it was divine. My main was what I always get – Black Bean Burrito with cashew sour cream! Simply delicious and big enough to save some for dinner! Another thing to note is that they offer quite an extensive Fresh Juice selection such as Strawberry Lassi which has coconut cream, strawberries, ginger, agave and cardamom in it. If that isn’t your fancy, they also have organic wines, beers (even gluten-free options), coffees or teas…of course all organic. If you haven’t been to this restaurant, chances are you’ve seen their products sold across many grocery stores in Toronto. I’m personally a huge fan of their tiramisu cakes that come frozen and are great to have for unexpected company!

Live Organic Food Bar

264 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario