The Raw Chemist

The Raw Chemist

Every now and then, I like to give my body a bit of a break from heavy meals and treats and enjoy a delicious juice or smoothie instead. So, when I stumbled across this new juice bar in the Junction, I couldn’t wait to try one of their many options. The menu offers something for everyone. On my most recent visit, I decided on the Green is GoodDSC07779_2 smoothie. Even with all the green goodness packed inside, the mixture was fruity and I enjoyed it very much. Next time I plan on trying the Pina Colada or Chocolate Cinnamon… or maybe both! The menu is so vast and creative. They even offer E3Live and E3Power shots, which are said to be one of the most beneficial foods on the planet. Another choice of beverages is the freshly cold pressed juices they sell in glass bottles that’ll have you feeling fantastic and cleansed in no time. Now with winter approaching us, we all know what’s ahead for us… colds and dreadful flus. However, The Raw Chemist even has a nutritionist handy, so if you’re feeling a little under the weather, or want to prevent a cold, a custom concoction of different spices and herbs can be made to bring you back to feeling incredible. I was instantly sold on this! This juice bar stands out amongst many others for all these special services that it offers.

The Raw Chemist

2984 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario



Green Is Good smoothie was definitely good!


Vast array of fresh cold-pressed juice cleanses.