Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

DSC08288I’m a huge fan of juicing. In fact, not long ago, I purchased a juicer. I was keen on using it on the reg, but after a few weeks, I got lazy. Alas, I found the next best thing. Someone else doing the work for you… and that’s exactly what Greenhouse Juice Co. does. Having only been around since January of this year, they have already expanded to three locations. That should tell you something. If you’re unable to make it to one of their locations, they’ll ship the juice straight to your doorstep! Live in Etobicoke or Mississauga? They’ve got that area covered too. They offer a total of 26 different cold-pressed juices, handmade nut milk milks, waters and boosters all guaranteed to be raw, fresh and organic. In fact, if they can’t source the organic ingredient needed for that particular item, they won’t compromise. So if it means stopping production of that drink until organic is sourced, they’ll do that. I was so impressed by this. Another thing to note is that their drinks are so fresh and nutrient packed that their shelf life is a mere 72 hours.

So which one should you purchase? Best thing is to go in person and give a few a try. They are more than happy to have you sample a few before deciding. While I haven’t tried every single drink, I was able to sample most of their stuff. The ones that stood out for me were Gold Rush (pineapple, cucumber, lemon, ginger), The Misfit (grape, celery, lime), Cold-Pressed Apple Juice (you’ve never had Apple juice like this before!!) and my top favorite was their Choco-Maca-Milk (almond milk, cacao, maca). It tasted just like chocolate milk but better! I left with the biggest bottle they make! Couldn’t resist.

Check out their website for the full menu and to place your order. I’ll be placing mine as soon as I run out!

Greenhouse Juice Co.

5 Macpherson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario



2553 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario



367 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario (Pop-Up)





Some of my favorite cold-pressed juices they offer!



My personal flavor…”The Misfit”… so good!


One of the best juicers available. The Norwalk Juicer!


Huge selection of raw organic cold-pressed juices to choose from.


They offer a selection of boosters such as The Flu Shot to help you feel better!


Two of my favorite juices! You’ve never tasted almond milk like this before. Absolutely delicious!