Kelly's XO Bake Shoppe

Kelly’s XO Bake Shoppe

DSC08403I love this place so much! Even though it’s not in Toronto, I promise you it’s worth the trek to Burlington.  The selection is so vast you’ll have to come many, many times to be able to try it all. The cupcakes not only look fantastic, but they taste fantastic too! Don’t get me started on the cookies. They are incredible! On top of making some of the best gluten-free and of course vegan treats, they also make the best capuccino I’ve ever had. Yes, ever. Made with coconut milk and coffee beans from Balzac’s, they’ve got it down to an art. Those with a peanut allergy will be happy to know that Kelly’s XO is a 100% nut free bakery. If Burlington is too far for you, they’ll deliver their goodies straight to you. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this when I plan my next party! I could go on and on about the greatness, however it’s best to visit and experience it all for yourself. Bring a friend and have relax in their adorable seating area- you won’t regret going!

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

401 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario




Hands down, best coffee I’ve had!


This was so delicious!


Best coconut milk cappuccino!

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Even their take-out is pretty!