Toronto Popcorn Company

Toronto Popcorn Company

Ever since I was a little girl, popcorn was my favorite snack. My father would source out the best quality organic kernels available. After popping it, he’d add olive oil and salt! For me, it was just perfect! To this day, I love popcorn. So when I heard there was a new place in town that makes various flavours of my beloved treat, I had to visit! Introducing The Toronto Popcorn Company. A relatively new place (5 or so months) in the heart of Kensington Market. While they carry your typical butter flavors, I’m extremely happy to announce that they have many, I repeat, many vegan options! From dill pickle to ketchup…they’ve got something for all. Of course, I had to try all the various vegan varieties and while I loved them all (nope, not just being nice, being honest!) my favorite was cinnamon toast. All the kernels are popped in house and made fresh, so you’re guaranteed a delicious result. There are different sizes available from a smaller snack size baggy, to a massive bag perfect for your next party. Planning a wedding or special occasion? They also make party favors and giveaways with customized labels! Popcorn has never been this versatile!


Toronto Popcorn Company

147 Baldwin Street, Toronto, Ontario




All their flavors are available for sampling!


While I loved all 6 vegan flavors, my favorite was Cinnamon Toast and Ketchup!