Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe

Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe

DSC00391Attention all Etobicoke dwellers! There’s a (fairly) new place on the west end and it just launched a new menu last week. Welcome to Thrive…a mostly vegan restaurant opened last April which is here to stay! The menu is created by a nutritionist, so you know you’re eating right! Thrive offers everything from juices, soups, all-day breakfast, pizza, sandwiches, sprouted burgers, wheatgrass shots and salads to desserts and coffee. I tried quite a few things, but my favourite was the “raw 3 dip trio”. The dips were guacamole, almond hummus and cashew chipotle dip, served with fresh cut carrots, celery, cucumber and veggie chips. I also really enjoyed the “Alkaline” salad which had baby arugula, kale, sweet potato, spicy almonds, avocado and sprouts with a lemon spirulina dressing! (Note, this salad also has bee pollen which can be removed.) The coffee was excellent and the carrot muffin was extremely fresh and satisfying. I should also mention if you’re a fully-raw vegan, you won’t find it difficult eating here, nor if you’re gluten intolerant as they have plenty of options for both! The space is bright, spacious and airy with even a fire place you can warm up beside. A great place to meet with a friend and enjoy some healthy food.

Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe

3473 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, Ontario



“Alkaline” Salad (baby arugula, kale, sweet potato, spicy almonds, avocado and sprouts with a lemon spurilina dressing.


Fresh wheatgrass shots available!


This carrot muffin was delicious!


Various fresh made-to-order juices available. This was is the “Buster C” – lemon, orange, ginger and carrot.


Soup of the day!


Lots of space for larger groups of people.


New on the menu! The “Raw Dip Trio” – guacamole, almond hummus, cashew chipotle, fresh raw veggies and corn chips.