Colette Grand Café

Colette Grand Café


DSC01020Last week, I felt like dressing up for an evening out of good food. However, as a vegan, putting on a fancy dress, high-heels and going out for dinner, isn’t always easy to come across. Sure, our city has a few (fairly) fancy vegan restaurants, but they aren’t quite what I was feeling for on this particular Saturday. I had been to Colette Grand Café a few times for their Sunday brunch, but going for dinner would be a new experience. After making reservations for 4 of my closest vegan friends (yes, no meat eaters in our party at a French restaurant, ha!), I was certain that we would leave hungry in search of tofu tacos or chili “cheese” fries. Boy was I ever wrong. But first, let me back up a little. Colette is stunning. I mean, easy to say one of Toronto’s most beautiful restaurants. Once inside, you feel like you’ve landed in some bistro in the heart of Paris. However, it’s not vegan. In fact, it’s as far away from that as it can possibly be. With only a few vegetarian options on the menu, changes to almost all dishes need to be made to accommodate us vegans. What Colette lacks in food choices, they make up for in service. It’s the kind you’d expect when dinning at the best Michelin Star restaurants across the world. Our particular server went out of his way to make sure that every single ingredient was not only vegan, but gluten free for myself. None of us were made to feel like we weren’t welcome for making such changes. In fact, even a couple other staff members came over to make sure that we had everything we needed and were satisfied with our meals. Incredible service! Now a few things about the food. You’d think, since it’s not a vegan restaurant, it wouldn’t be the best, right? Well, it was incredible. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this one… scroll down… then make your reservation. Oh, and get your fancy clothing out for this one.

Colette Grand Café

550 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario

(647) 348-7000