The Goods

The Goods

DSC01121_2I had been meaning to go to the Goods for some time. It had been months that I was following them on social medial drooling over pictures of smoothies and salad bowls. I wish I hadn’t delayed on visiting! The Goods is a small, mostly raw-vegan and 100% organic takeout (limited seating available) spot on Dundas West. Having opened just over a year now, it already has many regulars who pop in for their smoothies and daily shots of ginger. Yep, shots of ginger. I was offered one and hesitantly accepted. At first, I was intimated by what I would experience, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a pleasurable experience and will be back for another shot soon! I met with the Goods store manager, “Bee”, to get the inside scoop. She mentioned that every single ingredient on their menu is not only organic, but guaranteed GMO-free! Yes! On top of that, everything is made fresh, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free!  On my way out, I grabbed a Chuck Norris that was packed with vegan goodness. Quinoa, black rice, mung sprouts, chick peas, zoodles and beets made for a perfect dinner later that night. Pop in to The Goods for a smoothie, salad bowl, shot of ginger, or all three. You won’t regret it!

the Goods

1255 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario



Chuck Norris – toasty sesame dressing, quinoa, black rice, mung bean sprouts, chick peas, zoodles, beets, corn, peas, cucumber & arugula