Welcome to Vegan On Earth!

So here I go…

Often times, as a vegan, I get asked about what made me decide to become “animal free”. Well, my journey is a simple one. Last year, I attended my first ever health conference that changed my life. Various speakers from around the world discussed why meat and dairy wasn’t intended to be consumed by humans. I listened with an open-mind. There wasn’t one point that didn’t make sense to me. So that very night, I sat in bed wondering if I could make the change. Could I seriously give up cheese?? Chicken? But where would I get my protein? Would my hair fall out? Would I always be hungry?! I decided to begin with a 21 day vegan challenge. But here’s where it became interesting. After just 3 days, I started noticing changes. My skin was clearer and my stomach wasn’t as bloated anymore! As the days went on, I felt better and better. So why would someone choose to turn back their ways if all their negative symptoms had vanished? I sure didn’t. And now, after following a strict vegan diet, I couldn’t be happier, clearer and healthier. Join me on my journey to find the best vegan foods our city has to offer!